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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Thanksgiving in October

Yes, Thanksgiving is in November but it is never a bad time to give thanks.  It has been a roller coaster ride of emotions in the Merrick house lately.  The grandparents came at the end of September and stayed for two weeks.  And I say "the grandparents" because even though they are Nick's grandparents, they adopt everyone as family.  They become "the grandparents" to pretty much all of our friends.  That alone shows how wonderful they are!  Grandma was great help with the cleaning and the cooking!  I can't wait to get to Iowa and copy all of her recipes!  Grandpa was amazing with helping with Sydney and Chuck!  He would watch Sydney so I could get more sleep or take a hot bath.  He would even take Chuck out for walks. They would both help feed and entertain him.  We didn't do much traveling except on their last day here, we went to the Black Forest.  No words can describe the beauty of what we saw!  It was a great trip!  They left the first week in October and I wasn't the only one who missed them!  Chuck searched the whole apartment looking for them when we got back from the airport.  And Sydney got so used to Gpa's arms, she didn't like laying down by herself.  The grandparents definitely spoiled all of us and I am so grateful for their trip here!  It was so sad to see them go but I know we will see them again in January.  :)  Thank you, Lord for providing us with wonderful family and great help!

September 26, 2010 was Nick and my 1st wedding anniversary.  Sadly, we weren't able to celebrate together and it's the first of many that I'm sure we will celebrate apart.  But it doesn't make the occasion any less special.  This past year has been like I mentioned earlier, a roller coaster ride of emotions!  We got engaged in August, got married in September, Nick graduated in November, we got pregnant in November and then we moved to Germany in February.  In February, we started our new lives in a foreign country.  Nick officially started his new job and in the first 6 months of living here, he was gone for 3 of them.  We got our first dog in April then had our baby August.  Now, Nick is gone again.  Like I have written on my facebook, I am a proud mother and wife.  I may not have the easiest life but it's definitely the most rewarding.  I love my family!  Though it grew more quickly than expected, I regret none of it.   I have a wonderful husband, beautiful baby and great dog!  All happening in just a year!  Thank you, Lord for my family and yet again proving that your timing is perfect!

And last but definitely NOT least, I am very thankful for my friends here in Germany!  I am so incredibly blessed to have the support and love from a good circle of friends.  Moving here was one of the scariest things I have done in my life because it was full of unknowns, especially knowing how much Nick would be gone.  I was scared of being alone but God did not let that happen!  Starting from the friends we met in the hotel that we stayed in when we first got here, to the team wives that I have gotten to know over these months.  I won't name any names but they know who they are.  And of course, I cannot forget my friends back in the states.  I love the fact that if I need to talk to someone, I still call friends that I haven't seen in almost a year.  Military friends are like no other friends!  There is a special bond that we all have since we know moves are common and most friends come and go with the distance factor.  But making a true friend because of the military, that friendship is likely to continue even when an ocean separates you.  And though I feel lonely without Nick (no one can replace that), I feel all the love and support from my friends who don't give me the chance to feel lonely.  Thank you, Lord for my circle of friends.

Thanksgiving is almost a daily holiday in this household.  So much has been provided for us that a day shouldn't go by without giving thanks!  And not only should I give thanks to the Lord but to my family and friends who have done so much for me and my family!  Thank you!!

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